Lyne Carolynah is a fervent traveler with tons of adoration for people, diversity and numerous portions of the world. She’s a boundless fan of connecting with gregarious folks while devouring delightful scenes. And, is helplessly charmed when lounging in the sun. That is when her heels demand a well-deserved downtime.

Seeing the world is a deeply satisfying quest for me, and I’m thinking you too. That’s why I created this travel blog for both of us, regardless of your background and physical appearance.

So far my travelling passion continues to offer profound, enlightening and enchanting experiences for me. I have trudged across the skimpily-dressed sand dunes of the Middle East deserts, feast my mind on ingenious Germany, gobbled down chunks of scrumptious cuisine in the Meds, and drenched myself tasteless in Cappuccino around Italia.

A zealous interest for travel, people, and cultures has empowered me to backpack out for deeply fulfilling trips spanning over 4 different continents. And guess what?
All along, nothing’s come close to pounding a good laugh with strangers you just got to meet in a distant land. That reminds us we are all part of a family—the humankind fam—despite the multicultural diversity and language variances you might encounter.
I’ve met incredibly hospitable people on a bunch of occasions. And it is amazing how warm and welcome you can feel in a completely remote travel destination—especially where the majority of people do not exactly look like you, which is another reason I created this travel website.

I’m a high-spirited, people-passionate young woman of color from Kenya.
The last bit there has with time poked my awareness… …even the best travel destinations in the world right now can offer considerably polarizing travel experiences for people from minority communities.

Some stereotypes are still largely discriminatory for them, and that can be concerning. This sparked my vision and mission to help and encourage everyone (especially women and girls of color) to step out a little more and ENJOY themselves. You deserve it, girls! It does not help that there are few useful travel sites for women of color to connect, share experiences, and help their kind grasp what kind of expectations to prepare for when traveling to specific tourism destinations.

Yet tiny issues still propagate wellbeing concerns, such as skin color, which is merely a natural body adaptation to help a person prosper in their primary environment. But for some people, this wisdom is still a work in progress. Travelling as a black woman, I’ve noticed with concern not many women of color travel as much as they deserve to. Even the best travel destinations for women are still somewhat behind the curve for traveling women of color.

I would know. I aim to empower you by sharing my experiences across personal travel adventures I roll out to, so you can review, find and choose the most fulfilling places to travel. Yes, and how to afford to travel to the best places around on a low-budget. That way you can worry less about othering aggressions and enjoy yourself some more. So you can be less self-conscious and more place-conscious to gain incredible experiences and make memories you won’t forget in a lifetime.

I call it self-love, and I’m happy we could take the trip together. I encourage you to take the bold step to relish and devour diverse opinions, languages, ceremonies, sceneries, ethnicities, and yap, typecasts too. Explore the best world travel destinations.

You are absolutely welcome to contribute and share your travel experiences across your backpacker’s lifestyle. That way we can help empower women and girls of color to come out and see the world. It is a wonderful world. Come along, will you?

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